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A catalogue to explore our products’ every little detail; to show you what makes us proud the most. Here in “DETAIL”, you will find everything, just the way it is.

News 2016

Meet the new conteporarmy: we designed, composed, forged. Our designers are committed to find out beauty, creativeness, usefulness. Now you can find them out.


Lifestyle is a catalogue entirely dedicated to design. Dining tables, chairs, sideboards, bookshelves, beds, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and many more accessories with high quality and technological value, the result of a deep stylistic research. These are products which are expression of purest Made in Italy, manufactured exclusively with Italian raw materials, which involves very complicated processing : from aluminium die-casting to rotational moulding, up to artisan manufacture.
This catalogue is the synthesis of maximum quality, of a functional design that is getting more and more close to recyclable and eco-friendly raw materials, evaluating both the environment and its inhabitants.